Finding Our Why

Over and over we see blog posts and magazine articles telling startups and new founders, if they want to make it, they need a great story to tell. Perhaps though, the better strategy, one that will connect you with your customers, is to give them their own story to tell. Provide your customers with a way to tell their own story, about you and themselves. This is one of the ways how intends to disrupt the branding world. 

Every idea stems from a problem.

The problem is simple. Creating a strong brand is complicated. Typically, only larger companies have the resources to build strong brands in a blink of an eye. Right now, many mid-sized and smaller companies don't have the resources to build a brand from scratch that is flexible and scalable. As someone who spent several years as a Lead Brand Technical Designer, designing and building brands by hand that deployed to over 1,000 applications, I was amazed to see there weren't many ways to automate or streamline this process. Where were the efficient tools or alternate options? 

That answer is also simple.

There aren't many. If you have the money and resources to build up your brand, it will almost always mean hiring someone to build your brand for you. The branding industry is continually growing and developing, now by delivering so many ways for potential customers to interact with a company's brand. can deliver a better Brand System - a system that continuously updates, that is custom to your brand, that seamlessly allows customers to share their assets and guidelines to create beautiful brand experiences - without the need for you to be a marketing expert. You just need to be an expert at your business, and we will be there to help you communicate the rest. 

What we believe

We believe that effective, beautiful branding experience shouldn't be for just the larger companies with seemingly endless resources. We believe that every company, large or small, should have the opportunity to effortlessly communicate their brand to their customers without expending every resource to do so. Many companies have gone under simply because they didn't have the means and resources to effectively communicate their brand. Well, now they do.


Sho Rust

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