Our Top 5 Favorite Brand Guidelines


Dropbox is a well established and popular program being used by millions. Their brand guideline, while it doesn't show more of the brand assets typically used, shows an impressive amount of dos and don'ts for their logos and wordmarks. They explain in detail the many ways to use and place the logo, wordmark, or glyph, as well as the colors that can be used for the combinations. Their guidelines also tell where their brand materials can be used and when you should ask their permission. This is an excellent one-page overview of their brand guidelines. 


Although Uber is relatively young, it is a tech company, so their knowledge of creating a brand and a brand guideline is pretty advanced. This is one of the better brand guidelines we've come across. The vivid, looped video as their background is very unique. They have interesting videos for their brand assets that only play while your mouse is hovering over it. They go into great detail with every aspect of their brand and how their employees and contractors can use it. There is an abundance of examples for every section of their brand assets. A really great example of clear and extensive brand guidelines.


Google is, by far, one of the most well-known tech brands in the world. Their brand guidelines perfectly represent their brand. Clean text on a crisp, white background. They describe their brand all the way from their custom typeface to the G's construction. Their story describes their reason for their brand guidelines and how they created their newest logomark. The journey their team went through to launch an incredible new look for Google and evolve their brand that will "continue to be dynamic and unconventional as [they] strive to be." This brand guideline brings a very personal, relatable edge to their brand.


Mozilla has an incredibly bold brand guideline with their highly contrasting colors. Their two main primary colors are black and white while their others are colors in the neon family. Their adorable illustrations full of their original neons are eye-catching and utilize the bold colors of their brand. This brand guideline is an excellent example of how major visual brand assets can be clearly stated. How their personality, logo, colors, visuals, and typography are used and their info. (This brand guideline is also tied to their Firefox brand.)


One of my personal favorite brand guidelines so far, Starbucks cleanly and creatively express their brand and standards throughout their guideline. Another popular and widely recognized brand, this guideline, has more movement in its color and graphics than words itself, all to help its customers find precisely what they're looking for. Not only is their logo identifiable, but so are their brand colors. A great example of a brand guideline accurately displaying a brand and it's values and standards.


Whittney Twomey

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