The Era of Brand Systems

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Brand System in a Nutshell

People that see your brand aren’t usually paying attention to what happens behind the scenes, and they don’t really need to. They can see exactly what you need them to what you’re selling, your story behind it, and how it impacts their lives. When a part of your company begins to veer, the brand experience dissolves. 

When it boils down to it, the people we hope to serve are taking in the brand as one entity, not each individual piece of the puzzle. To them, there are no teams, project managers, and compartments, there’s only the brand as a whole. However, this experience is getting shorter and shorter and something is getting lost along the way. Somewhere between the drive to excel and the shift into specializing, our brand begins to dilute. Today, more than ever, with all the abundance and access to technology and design tools, it is important to make our brand values tangible. 

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What is a Brand System?

A Brand System is a collection of elements that create consistent and meaningful brand assets that communicate your brand values to the people you hope to serve. Typically, a brand system contains a combination of 6 major brand assets. These assets include a logo or primary brand mark, color palette, typography, visual brand extensions (like brand pattern and iconography) and brand tone (that includes visual image and photo guidelines and the tone of voice in communicating your brand to people). 

The essential principle of Brand Systems

No company is immune to the resources associated with developing, managing, and growing a brand. Brand Systems are here to help by fusing insights with design and technology to help brands define their look, feel and behaviors until the experience, product and communications are just right, for the right consumers, all the time. An effective brand system gives you a leg-up in an increasingly competitive market. Do your research and learn everything about your current and prospective customers. Don't rely on what you think they need. You need to know and anticipate their needs. It is essential to start your company with a unique, attention-grabbing story. A company with great values can translate those values into the brand’s visual language. A good place to start? Your story.

How plans to change the Brand Systems world is a cloud-based Brand System designed for one thing – to maximize brand consistency with smart technology that scales when you do. A single source of truth for marketers, designers, engineers, and contractors to deliver unified branding across all channels and touch-points. After years of executing traditional brand audits, it has become clear that, much like human DNA, Brands are decidedly similar. With only a few personality traits differentiating brands from one another.’s data-driven algorithm is able to identify your unique Brand DNA. This piece of technology will get smarter and more powerful as we grow helping us build a moat of defensibility around our business. We continuously strive to break new ground in everything we do. Most of the software supporting our market has a very traditional approach with a focus on management. Think Google Drive for your Brand. The problem is, Brands have a more vital issue. They are outgunned competing for user engagement with tech titans equipped with AI and data. That’s where we step in.


Whittney Twomey

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