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Customize and streamline your data processes with our AI Data engine.

Image, Copy, Blog Post, Campaign Ideas, Landing Page, Product Ideas — our AI Data engine is designed to adapt to your needs, not the other way around. It's highly flexible, so you're never confined to out-of-the-box solutions.

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Create your first
data model in minutes

We offer templates so you can tackle high-priority projects right away. Simply describe key details, and our AI Data engine auto-generates a first draft. Give feedback directly to the AI to iterate quickly in collaboration with AI.

Fine-tune workflows
with natural language

We understand everyone has unique data needs, customers, and workflows. Modify prompts, customize templates using our Figma plugin, or auto-improve data models with a beautiful visual content management system.

Use templates that match
your role and use case

Whether you're a designer, analyst, or domain expert, we offer several templates that guide you step-by-step. Everything from customer segmentation to predictive modeling to social media analytics to job posts.

Maintain brand consistency
across all platforms

With multiple teams and channels, it’s challenging to maintain brand governance. Creator AI allows you to set brand personas for tone, style, and values, so every creation is standardized and true to your brand identity.

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