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“SHO allows my team to spend less time pixel-pushing and responding to clients, and more time doing what they love - designing, ideating, and collaborating.”

Tony Alva, Design Director at NAX Group

SHO allows everyone from designers, marketers, and engineers to be on the same page, relevant, and innovative in the ever-changing world of brand deployment.

La Mer Walker, CDO of Valence

“Keeping all brand assets, logos, fonts, and guidelines in one place helps me create pitch decks in half the time. No more collecting piecemeal font and logo files or sending links to 8000 different google drive folders.”

Jeff Rawson, Creative Director at the Scout

“SHO evolves with us. It’s an adaptable tool where my design team can have access to what they need 24/7- overall accelerating our growth and bottom line.”

Jason Shin, Head of Design at Josh.ai



Who creates the content for brand system?

We'll take what your team has already spent the time and effort creating and use it as a foundation to build upon. Our AI has seen many brand systems and it will generate suggested content based on your company's mission, goals, audience, sentiment, etc.

What does BrandOS support look like?

BrandOS users will receive email based support.

How many users do I get with my brand system?


Who should be a BrandOS user?

A BrandOS user can be anyone who may need access to the brand system. Users can be internal or external to your company. Think of a user as anyone you might send your brand guidelines to.

How are permissions and security handled?

Admin users will provide access as they see fit. They can make pages and sections available to teams and/or individuals in accordance with their company's policies.

Who should be a BrandOS Admin?

A BrandOS Admin should be anyone who you want to access and make edits to your brand system. This is usually a small group of individuals in the branding or communications department that controls approved digital assets. This could also be a trusted agency that works alongside you on branding initiatives.

Who should be a BrandOS owner?

A BrandOS Owner should be anyone who has full control over your brand and brand system. This person can access every corner of your brand system and make changes to any part of your brand and system. Typically, Owners are the only ones who have the authority to initiate a brand refresh.

How long does BrandOS implementation take?

It depends on what you want to be included in your brand system, but almost all of the heavy lifting is done by our team (or one of our partners). The effort on your side is simply to participate in the process. Tell us what you want and provide us with any assets/documents/etc. that you want included in the brand system. All in all, it should take less than a week to get you up and running.

How do I update my Brand System once I have it?

You can update pages, create pages, upload new assets, and more directly in the brand system with our CMS tool. This feature is only available to Admins.

Is there any product training available?

Of course! When you become a BrandOS client, Admins will recieve in-depth product training. Additional training is available through live webinars and videos.

Can you manage multiple brands with BrandOS?

Yes! You can see all of the brands you manage from one place.

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