Focus on strategic initiatives in order to better appeal to customers


Intoto needed to focus on sustainable fashion in order to better appeal to customers who are interested in environmentally-friendly clothing. The brand uses quality materials to make their clothes, which are designed to be both stylish and long-lasting. This commitment to sustainability helps Intoto stand out from other brands in the industry.

the Intoto vision

For a platform uniting thousands of professionals across the globe, maintaining brand consistency and communicating a unified brand vision can be a difficult process. For Intoto, the issue was never about creating stunning material, but instead about distributing photos, videos, resources, presentations, and designs in a clear and efficient manner.

Intoto's own custom
brand operating system

A custom visual editor styled front and back as Intoto. Artificial intelligence and Asset management in Intoto's tailored BrandOS does the heavy lifting of tagging images for automatically.

All-in-One Branding Solution

BrandOS acts as a virtual extension of the Intoto marketing team, arming brand builders with the solutions they need to be efficient. Brand builders can now update on the fly, while also managing and evolving their guidelines and assets at a pace that beats any of the competition.